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Posted on: May 27, 2009

I tried to write a story. I worked really hard on it. Hope you like.

My Broken Boy

By: (name removed for safety)
I looked across the park. There sat on one of the wooden picnic tables was the new kid. I didn’t know his name. I didn’t know his face. I saw him in my math class, but that was all. I turned to my friends Eric, Kevin, and Kat.
“Who’s he?” I asked them.
“The new kid.” Kevin the ‘Lumix’ stated with a swift nod of his head.
“I know that!” I growled.
“Gosh! Soooorry.” Kevin said.
“Go talk to him them.” Kat insisted. I sighed and walked up to him. He didn’t even know I was coming. He didn’t twitch, talk, or even breath! I sat behind him.
“Hello?” I whispered. I was a little spooked.
“What do you want.” His voice was hostile. Deadly. This was going to be harder than I thought.
“What’s your name?” I soothed. Maybe I felt threatening to him.
“Go away.” He snarled. His back was still to me. He didn’t even remove his hood.
“I’m Dianne.” I smiled. I reached for his hood, but his hand grabbed mine and held it tight, and squeezed.
“If I tell you my name will you leave!” By now he turned around. He had a black eye. His irises were a wonderful blue. He was pale and sickly. His lips blood-stained. I only nodded. “Benjamin.”
“Well, Benjamin, what’s wrong?” I asked. His eyes flooded with pure rage.
“I thought you said you leave!!” He yelled. His fist were balled into fists.
“No, I want to know what’s wrong. How’d you get your black eye?”
“My dad.” He answered. His face totally changed. Now it was scared, and solemn. I gave him a hug. He squirmed away.
“Don’t. Ever. Touch. Me. Again.” He snapped. He got off the seat and stood up. He removed his hood. He had shaggy black hair. He sighed and sat down again. “Why. Do……”
“I don’t know… looked like you needed help, and….”
“Look.” He came close to my face. “Meet me back here at ten sharp. I’ll tell you everything.”
“Why? Just a second ago you wouldn’t tell me jack.” I accused.
“I need someone to talk to. Not to judge. I need help, and that’s what you are, right?”
“Right. Goodbye.” As my friends started coming he was already gone.
“What the hell was that all about?” Kat asked.
“Who was he?” Eric asked.
“He looked spooky.” Kevin commented. The words kept coming like rain. It soon flooded my mind. And my brain was drowning.
“Damn it! Shut the hell up will ya!” I screamed. They looked at me once. Twice. Then obeyed. “His name is Benjamin. That’s all you need to know.”
“But–” They all whined.
“But nothing!” I put my hands up. They all slumped down. Of course they wanted to know stuff. I didn’t blame them. I don’t know why, but there was a strange tie like thing I had to Benjamin. Like a bond. Or a…..oh, I give up. I wonder what he meant when he said that his dad gave him a black eye. I looked at my watch. Eight o’ clock. One more hour. Could I wait an hour? Probably not. The suspension killed me. The only thing about Benjamin I could conclude to was: he was hot. I decided I would wait the hour. I mean what damage could be done?
“Hey, Dianne.” Eric began. “We’re leaving, so bye.”
“Bye!” I waved to them as they left. I was friends with the most popular kids in school. I was an outcast which was weird. But my prep-y friends weren’t snobs, or anything. At first they didn’t except me, but once they got to know me better we became like best friends. In an instant I became popular, too. Me, the emo kid popular. Never did the idea ever cross my mind. But it was true.

It was about five minutes till Benjamin was suppose to show. Just about when I was about to leave a shadow appeared. It was Benjamin. He was crying. Not like a baby. But silent tears. The tears sliced threw my heart like a warm knife through butter. He had another black eye and his lip was busted open again.
“Oh, Benjamin.” I ran up and hugged him. “What happened?”
“It’s a long story so sit.” He mumbled. I sat on the swing and he sat next to me. “Ever since my mom died, my dad has been doing drugs and alcohol more. He comes home drunk and beats me and calls me useless and dumb and blames me for my mom’s death.” He sobbed. He wiped the tears from his cheek. “You tell no one about this, got it.” His voice was threatening.
“On one condition: If it gets any worse I will tell.”
“Agreed.” He stared at the ground. “I would like to IM you sometimes so we can talk.” He handed me a paper. It read: Lovexxmexxnott. “It’s my chat name. Don’t talk to me, ever. Unless we’re online or here.”
“When do you want to meet up again?”
“Tomorrow. Same time.” He declared.
“Okay, see you tomorrow.” As I began to walk off he grabbed my arm.
“Get on IM, I want to talk some.”
“All….right. I will.”

Once I got home I went strait to my room and logged in.

(Music_4_eva just logged in)
(Lovexxmexxnott just logged in)

Music_4_eva: Benjamin? Is that u?
Lovexxmexxnott: Yea, it’s me.
Music_4_eva: That’s a cool username, where’d u get it from?
Lovexxmexxnott: From the flower forget me not, it was my mom’s fav.
Music_4_eva: Aww, that’s sweet J!! Sooo what do u want to tlk bout??
Lovexxmexxnott: Uh…. Wat’s ur family like?
Music_4_eva: Well my mom and my dad, that’s it. Oh and my cat Sniffles.
Lovexxmexxnott: Sniffles?? Wtf!!
Music_4_eva: Heyyy!!!!1 Don’t be a meanie! JK(x33) Oh, pos gtg!
Lovexxmexxnott: kk bye
Music_4_eva: Bye

(Music_4_eva just logged out)

I scooted away from the computer.  Benjamin. Benjamin. He seemed like he was an abused child. Well he did kinda say his dad abused him. If you read between the lines it was quite clear. It was no wonder why he was so hostel towards me when we first met. But he seems to be opening up. A little bit each day was my plan. Maybe just maybe he’ll give me more details. I want to help him. I really do. It’s just is really hard.
I went over to bed. Tomorrow was Saturday. Movie night for me and my friends. The most popular girl in the school party’s is also tomorrow. So I guess no movie. I was invited to the party. The girl’s name was Ana. Ana and I were great friends even though we barely talked.
I crawled under my covers and went to sleep. The night was full of dreams.
I was with Benjamin. But something was wrong. Very wrong. He was crouched over laughing. Laughing like a mad man.
“Benjamin?”  I stuttered. He turned to face me. He was covered in blood. His face, his hands, his hoodie was all bloody. And in his right hand was a large bloody butcher knife that glinted in the moonlight’s silver shafts of heavenly light.
“To write love on her arms!!!” He cackled. He grabbed my arm. I screamed loudly. He began to carve ‘love’ on my arm. The pain was so real.
When he was done doing that he moved up to my collarbone. He began tracing it with the knife. “I’m going to carve you like a pumpkin on Halloween.” He whispered. He brought the dagger to my cheek and flicked out a hunk of flesh. I whimpered. “And for every scream say goodbye to skin.”
I screamed. He brought the knife under my jaw and with a flick of his wrist the metal was under my skin. He began twisting, and flesh softly fell to the ground.
“What did I tell you?” He snarled. “Did you not believe me? Huh!” He was so close to my face at this moment. I felt the metal move under my shirt and into my stomach. The blood poured out and felt warm on my skin and hands.
“Why?” I asked, spitting up blood.
“Because, I told you too much.” He walked away.

I jerked awake. I was sweating, and my sheets stuck to me. It was so real. It was only a dream. I kept telling myself. Only a dream. The time was one in the afternoon. The party started at eight. Seven more hours I thought in my head. I decided to check in on Benjamin.

(Music_4_eva just logged in)

Lovexxmexxnott: Heyy
Music_4_eva: wats up?
Lovexxmexxnott: Nothing much. U going to Ana’s party??
Music_4_eva: Yeah, u?
Lovexxmexxnott: Yea, as some sick joke.
Music_4_eva: oh.
Lovexxmexxnott: Don’t talk to me, though.
Music_4_eva: Why?
Lovexxmexxnott: Just don’t, kk, I don’t what ur friends to think something.
Music_4_eva: kk L.
Lovexxmexxnott: Gtg, dad coming. Tlk 2 u l8ter.

(Lovexxmexxnott has logged out)

I scooted away from the computer. Why did he have to log out? Was he going to get beaten? I sure hop not. The ringing of my phone got me back to reality.
“Hello?” I asked.
“Hey!!!” It was Kat. “Come to the park, pronto!” She shrilled in to the phone. I swear she made me deaf.
“Okay, bye.”
Apparently we were going to the Mall to get an outfit for the party. Kat just wanted to impress Eric. I know Ana would want to impress the school heart-throb Killian.
At the mall we met up with Mitzi: Ana’s bestie.
“Hey, Dianne! I haven’t seen you in forever.” Mitzi squealed. She pulled me into a hug.
“Why….hello….Mitzi… nice to…..see you, too. Could….you please let….go….I can’t breath.” I groaned. When she let go I took in a breath of air. I looked at her. She had her blonde hair in two neat braids that hung in front of her shoulders. She was wearing her softball t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Nothing ever seems to change.
“Is this a shopping spree or a reunion? Come on.” Kat interrupted.
She and Mitzi went to Abercrombie and Fitch, Aropostale, Hollister; Like always. I wanted to go to Spencer’s and Hot topic. They didn’t want to come, but I made them.

At the end of the trip it was just enough time to get ready and go to the party. Mitzi bought just a ¾ white Abercrombie tee, while Kat bought jeans, and a pink tee. I bought black UFO pants with white stitches, A black tank and a mid-drift white jacket that was fashioned to look like a strait jacket.
I checked on the computer to see if Benjamin was on, but he wasn’t. I guess he was at the party.

I was greeted by Ana hugging me at the door. Her purple layered hair smelled of shampoo. On the inside was what looked like the entire student body.
Music was playing, People dancing, people kissing, and in the corner of my eye I saw Killian spiking the punch. Note to self: Drink water.
I sat on the couch with: Kat, Mitzi, Killian, Eric, and Kevin. We were all talking till Ana stood up on the coffee table. All eyes went to her.
“Amen. Since it’s my birthday party, I think we should play seven minuets in heaven.” She suggested. Some cheered, some booed. I booed. “Hey! I’m the b-day girl…” She whined. Eventually she got us to play. “Here are the rules. Guys: you are to put in a piece of paper with some kind of thing on it and put it in the fedora. Girls are to choose something and go in the bedroom with your match” She smiled.
“Isn’t it suppose to be a closet?” Someone yelled.
“Yeah, but what I say goes.” She smiled again. I watched her as she began collecting papers. I saw Benjamin. He put in a piece of paper. “Nooooow,” She sang. “That I have everyone’s paper, I want……Kat! To go first.”
Kat put her hand in the hat, and pulled out a piece of paper that read: ░.
“Dots anyone? You who!!” She called. Eric stood up.
“That would be me.” He stood up and went to the bedroom. Kevin turned to me. His curly, brown mop of hair was in his face. “Do you think they’ll do something?” He asked.
“Well, Kat does like Eric.”
“And Eric likes Kat.”
“This will be interesting..” I mused. Then I turned to Kevin. “Who do you want to get?” I asked.
“No one. I’m not playing.”
“Oh.” Typical Kevin. He never wanted to play anything, unless it was Predator Concrete Jungle. Once the seven minuets was up, Ana went to the door and bust though it.

“Okay who’s next?” She asked. “Mitzi! What about you?” Mitzi spewed her drink.
“No! I am not playing and that’s final!” Mitzi snapped.
“Fine I’ll go, but Dianne go but Dianne goes next.” She huffed. She pulled out:♀.
“A stick person with out….legs??” She asked unsure of herself. Killian stood up.
“It’s the symbol for females, and you got me.” Killian sighed. Ana blushed. Maybe I’d get lucky and get Benjamin.

Once their time was up it was mine. And I might add before I go on, Eric and Kat are now a couple and so is Killian and Ana. Back on topic. I closed my eyes, and shoved my hand into the hat. I pulled out paper that read: ♪.
“Eighth note, anybody.” I whispered. Please be Benjamin. Please be Benjamin!!! I thought. I heard the door close so I followed.

It was dark inside the room. I could see the faint outline of someone sitting on the bed.
“Hello?” I called out, afraid of what might answer.
“Dianne, it’s me, Benjamin.” Oh, boy was relived.  “Dianne there is something I need to show you.” He rolled up his sleeve. There were these long, deep gashes in the a graph like pattern. They went higher that his elbow and went the whole circumference of his arm. “Yes I cut. I’ve been doing it a while, now. Dianne, I can’t take it anymore. The beating, the cussing, all the shit I get. I’m leaving, Dianne, and I’m never coming back”
“Benjamin, why?” I asked. He was going to kill himself, I just knew it.
“Because no one loves me.” He began to cry. Here’s my chance.
“I do. I love you.”
“Prove it!” He snarled. I cupped his face and kissed him hard on the lips. He kissed back with just as much force I thought my teeth would fall out. I tangled my hands in his hair, and he put his hands on my waist. He licked my bottom lip begging for an entrance. But I decided to make him work for it. He growled and moved to my collarbone. He nipped and bit at the skin till he found my soft spot. It was located right where my neck met my shoulder. I moaned his name, and he took advantage of that. He shoved his tongue in my mouth. He massaged mine. We wrestled for dominance, but he won.
He was laying on top of me with his crossed arms across my chest. He smirked. “Maybe I was wrong.” He trailed off in to space. I pecked him on the lips.
“Darn right you were.”
“One minute!” I heard Ana call.
“My house?” Benjamin asked. He got off the bed and offered his hand.
“Why I’d be honored my good sir.” I said in a British accent. I smiled and placed my hand in his. Our fingers laced togther. His hand was cold and hard. Ana opened the door.
“Now that’s a Kodak moment!” She snapped a picture. The light hurt my eyes and me blink. Benjamin rolled down his sleeve and placed his hood on his head. He picked me up bridal style.

Benjamin’s house was just across the park. He opened the door. Hi house smelled strongly of smoke and alcohol. Up the stairs in the attic was his room. It was white with blood on the walls. On one wall, written in blood was: I’m nothing. His bed was just a mattress on the floor with one bloody sheet. And at the end of it was a laptop.
“Sorry, there isn’t much to my room.” He rubbed the back of his neck and laughed.
“No, it’s all right.” The door slammed. It was the front door.
“Dianne, get in my closet, and don’t make a sound no matter what happens.” He threw me in the closet and shut the sliding door.
“Son, son! I’m home~!” The man sang. I heard a gun cock. Benjamin’s eyes grew wide. He backed up to his window. The door opened and reviled a scrawny man with stubble. He wobbled in to the room with a Jack Daniel’s in one hand and a pistol in the other hand. He threw the bottle at Benjamin and hit him square in the face. His nose and lip began to bleed. He stumbled forward. “Aw, is Benny afraid?”
“Dad! Dad! You’re drunk, you don’t know what your doing.” Benjamin stuttered. His dad put the gun in his pocket. He lunged forward and grabbed Benjamin by the neck.
“Nooo!” I bust through the doors and stood behind the man. He dropped Benjamin. He groaned.
“Well, what a pretty little lady.” He smiled. He grabbed a hold of my shirt. His stank of alcohol.
“If you harm her in any way, I will…” He threatened.
“Will what? Kill me? Ha! Don’t make me laugh.” He pulled out a pocket knife. He held it to my throat. Benjamin snarled and lunged toward the man and grabbed the gun. He held it at his dad. He dropped me.
Then he pulled the trigger. He shot the man four time in the head. And he fell on the floor. I was all ready dialing 911.

“Nine-one-one, what’s you emergency?” The woman asked.
“Uh, yes, hello. A man just tried to kill me and my, uh, boyfriend and my boyfriend killed him.” I stuttered an explanation.
“I’ll be sending a dispatcher.” The woman said. “I will be staying on the line till the police get there. Why did he shoot exactly.”
“Self defense. We were both going to die.” I began to cry.
“Ma’am, why are you crying?” The woman asked.
“Just because there’s a dead body in front of me. That’s all. I hear sirens. Bye, and thank you.” I hung up. I saw Benjamin crouch down next to his dad.
“Dad, I once loved you, but ever since Mom died, I have hated you.” Benjamin bent down to the dead man’s ear and whispered, “Burn. In. Hell.”

We explained to the police everything. No charges would be pressed, which was great. My parents were all ready there, and at first they didn’t seem to like Benjamin, but after all was told they held compassion for the boy.
“But, I don’t have a place to stay now.” Benjamin whispered to the cop. “All my other family is dead.”
“You can stay with us.” My mom said.
“Yeah, we’ll adopt ya!” My dad stated. My boyfriend as an adopted brother, I thought. A little weird, but hey! I’m weird to begin with.
“Alright,” The cop began. “I’ll have a court date on Tuesday. Till then Mr. Benjamin will stay with you as foster parents.” The cop looked at my family then spoke again, “Please leave the crime scene.” He waved us out of the room and into our car.

When we finally reached my house it was already three in the morning. Benjamin was to sleep in my room… my bed…..with me… It’s no a problem, not at all. I trust him….mostly. I don’t think he’ll rape me, it’s more like kill me. I guess it’s just the dream I had.
Once we were tucked in bed, the lights were out, and the door was closed and locked, Benjamin kissed me. It wasn’t like our first kiss: hard and rough, but it was small and sweet. But I soon changed that. I placed my hand under his shirt. His stomach was toned nicely. He made a cross with his arms and grabbed the trim of his shirt. In one swift movement the long-sleeved, white tee was thrown carelessly to the carpet. I massaged his collarbone with my thumbs, and he moaned in pleaser. I laughed.
“Make too much noise and my parents might just suspect something…” I chuckled. He growled seductively in my ear.
“Do you think I care?” He asked. He voice was a deep and raspy: Just above a whisper. He moved his mouth down to my jaw bone and left little bite marks there.
“Benjamin….” I moaned. He rolled over to were I was on bottom. Now I was worried that he would rape me. “B-B-B-Ben-Ben-Benjamin?” I stuttered the question.
“Don’t worry, Dianne. I would never do something to you that you didn’t want me to.” For just a moment it was a loving-sweet-‘awww’ moment. He took my head and cupped my head. “Never, Never ever leave me, please. I beg you.”
“I never will, ever.”
“I love you, Dianne.”
“I….love you, too….Benjamin.”

Benjamin sighed and laid down. I followed his example and fell asleep with him.


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